Welcome to the Fiat Dino 2400 Coupe - the story of one particular car.

On this site you can read about and see pictures of one Fiat Dino 2400 Coupe.

It was built in 1970 at the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

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The Dino logo is seen here on one of the top pieces in the engine compartment / Dino logo on engine.

Several Fiat Dino 2400 Coupe, can be seen here in Ferrari's production hall in Maranello. In the foreground is a Ferrari `Daytona` during preparation. The picture is from 1970 / Ferrari production in Maranello 1970.

Steering wheel and instrument panel / steering wheel and instruments  

Fiat Dino Coupe, 2.4 engine

Drivers car on a country road  

The famous Dino story

Enzo Ferrari in Maranello factory wiht F1 and Dino cars